Category: Painting

Why painters wear white?

It doesn't matter if you are a painter, or work in the industry, white might seem strange to you. It's not enough to wear a clean, crisp shirt. There are several good reasons why white has been worn by painters. It's an old tradition Since the beginning, all painters have worn white. It might seem…

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When to Remove Painters Tape

Painter's tape is essential for a fresh, professional paint job. However, it can be hard to know when to remove painters tape and how to do so without damaging your painted surfaces. It's usually best to peel off a coat of tape when the paint is dry yet not cured. This is around one hour…

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Residential and Commercial Painting

There are many different types of residential paintings. You can hire a painting company to complete the task, or you can do the job yourself. Regardless, both are important and will provide a high-quality finish. Residential painting is important for the aesthetic value of your building. It also protects it from damage and helps you…

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